I have been asked a few times on how I achieved the "soft" or haze effect on some
of my floral tubes so I thought I would write this tutorial.
This is a beautiful effect that I learned on another tutorial site but her site is now gone.
This tutorial is not to be copied,reproduced,placed on any other website,
shared in any graphic mailing groups without my permission.
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Tutorial rating:Beginner
For this tutorial you will need:
~PSP 6 or 7

~ECWS halftone filter
~Any tube of your choice or you may use my tube for practice.Click on the
pic to download and unzip to your PSP tubes folder.

Sometimes when you have found the perfect graphic or pic to tube,the color may be
a bit to dark or it may be grainy. Our objective is to soften it a bit and also
make it to appear more realistic.

1.Open up a new 400X400 transparent image or the tube you would like to haze.
(If you are using your own tube,skip to 4.)
2.Right click on the layer palette and
add new raster layer.
3.As my victorian couple is quite large,I'm going to use them at 67%.

4.On the layer pallet,Right click on the layer and Duplicate.

5.With the Duplicate copy hilighted,go up to EFFECTS>PLUGINS>ECWS halftone and choose hex order 2.
6.Move the first slider to anywhere from 200-220. Leave the Dither Subrange at 58 and click
7.Not to pretty huh?!?!

8.Again on the same Duplicate layer,LEFT click and choose Screen.

9.Almost done! Now up to EFFECTS>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and set the radious to
10.Oh! That's better but just a bit to bright I think and a bit blurry....

11.So on the layer pallet,let's bring down the opacity a bit..I brought mine down to around
69%. It's best not to go any lower than 50%.

12.Hide layer 1 and merge visable.

13.Delete layer 1. Done!

<~~We went from this to this~~>

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